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About me

Image coach


I have to admit that my surname has given me more than one headache over the years…

However, with the passage of time and the maturity so characteristic of the fruit, I have realised that Pera (pear in English) is a word that is 100% positive.

And so I am here to help you get the best from your apPEARance


I grew up in an environment where it seemed like there was never enough space and we had to organize everything we had as best we could.

At home, there was too much of almost everything and yet my mother had a fairly small closet. Nevertheless, she always looked elegant and unostentatious.

I remember her “go-to” trousers, her silk blouses and her beautiful scarves. Also, her 3 evening dresses, her stiletto heels and her velvet handbag – which is now mine -. I would say that without realizing it, she was one of the precursors of the capsule wardrobe that is so often talked about today.

Now that I am a professional image coach, I really appreciate that simplicity because I learned to combine garments and make the most of myself with very little.

I hold a degree in Information Sciences, and I have worked in TV for 20 years. A while ago, I started to reflect on my life, to think about what really makes me happy. And after a few months of analysis, I left the company I had been working at and I got ready to do what I have always loved: helping and serving women through the process of personal transformation, using image as the main tool.

Now I am a coach, I have completed various self-awareness courses and I have studied Personal Fashion Styling at the University of the Arts London.


  • Are you dissatisfied with your image lately?
  • Have you forgotten to take care of yourself?
  • Do you feel like something is missing from your look?
  • Are you short on time?
  • Are you bored of your wardrobe?
  • Can’t find anything to wear?
  • Are you uninspired when figuring out what to wear tomorrow?
  • Have you bought clothes compulsively over the last few months?
  • Are you incapable of getting rid of anything from your wardrobe?​

Perhaps you identify with one of these questions, or maybe even with them all!

My goal is to make you feel good about yourself, for you to have fun every morning when you get dressed and for you to project who you really are through your image.

I accompany you in a change process that begins with an analysis of your lifestyle and your current needs and continues with an appraisal of your wardrobe. Through creativity, we optimize your look with the garments you already have and without having to invest much in new items.

TO SUMMARISE, I want you to be happy and confident with your image.


Meeting Karin was a real pleasure. Everything at home was a mess, chaos you might say. In just a few visits, Karin organized our closets and advised us on how best to free up space. Thank you so much for your help Karin!


I was introduced to Karin through a friend. I needed advice from someone who didn’t know me to improve my style, clothes and general look. The result could not have been more rewarding. Thank you, Karin.


about my wardrobe, clothes, style and lots of other things. I realized that I wasn’t even using 30% of the things that I had in my cupboards. Also, some of the things didn’t even suit me or didn’t go at all with the style that I had of myself in my head. I loved the gift so much and meeting Karin. I highly recommend her!


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