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Image consultant


I help you get rid of all those garments you no longer use, and which are taking up space and energy. I only need you for this phase, I take care of the rest! I organise your wardrobe on the basis of your needs and your lifestyle.

This service is for you if you never find a moment to devote time to your wardrobe, if you see that no matter how much you organise your clothes, in no time everything is the same or you are incapable of deciding which items should leave your closet.

Give your wardrobe a new lease of life!


€40/hour. Minimum 2 hours

(VAT not included)


Through a detailed analysis of your current lifestyle and the clothes in your wardrobe, we decide which items best suit your characteristics and needs.

  • I create a practical and easy-to-use collection of wardrobe essentials for you. We chose only those items that look good and make you feel confident.
  • I advise you on the possible purchase of clothes that you need for your wardrobe essentials (lookbook)
  • I take you shopping if you want me to. (Personal shopper)
  • This service may include the Closet Detox.
This service is for you if you want to put an end to your BOTTOMLESS WARDROBE. Also, if you hoard a lot of clothes but always end up wearing the same things, and then when you have a special event to attend you have no idea what to wear.

€50/hour. Minimum 2 hours.

(VAT not included)


We will have a good chat to understand where you are at. We will talk about your lifestyle, your vital needs and how to balance everything.

We will discover which colours really suit you, what to wear to flatter your body type and what makeup looks best on you. In short, I will help you feel amazing inside and out, to love yourself just like you deserve!

This service is for you if you want to expand your horizons, branch out and rediscover the magic you’ve hidden inside. 

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You’re invited to a special party or on an unexpected trip.

You are moving into a smaller space…Going into your teenage daughter’s bedroom will inevitably end in a fight …

I’ve got this. You just think about what you need, and we can talk.

  • Special occasions: : Themed parties, weddings, trips,…
  • Moving house: Changing spacesCambio de espacios
  • Teenage closets: I do the “fighting” on your behalf…
  • A new life on your own…

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Revamp your ApPEARance